Background and history 

You are now visiting the Medialounge online database, representing a network of cultural new media institutes, individuals and organisations. Please connect and become a member. The Medialounge was developed and designed by the Waag Society for Old and New Media. The current Medialounge is a low end, more accessible version of the Hybrid Media Lounge set up in 1999. The database is linked to the new ECB (European Cultural Backbone) website. The European Cultural Backbone was set up in 1999 as a coalition of institutions and individuals who work in the field of new technologies and who creatively use and develop participatory media for social change. Its membership reflects the geographical, social and cultural diversity of Europe, including non-EU-Member States and partners in other continents.

The Medialounge does not claim to be complete. It is very much an ongoing project. We look forward to including more organizations, and to seeing how the content morphs.

 Hybrid Media Lounge and VP Lounge 

The Hybrid Media Lounge was an attempt to launch two ambitious projects: the building of a directory of hybrid art-political-cultural-digital activities in Europe, and the visual mapping of the networks between their instigators. The Hybrid Media Lounge consists of a database and the archived material of the Hybrid Workspace, an experiment during the Documenta X festival in 1997.

The VP Lounge is a database for Dutch organisations. The Virtual Platform is a group of eight cultural organisations working in the field of new media in the Netherlands. It was set up to foster cooperation between these organisations and with the other sectors, and better represent their case to policy makers. It also produced the book New Media Culture in Europe and organised the first E-Culture Fair.

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