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A-1040 Vienna, Austria
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Type of organisation: private research institute, Nonprofit, association

Main topics:

Research and Services for Online Communities, in particular artists, NPOs, GOs, artists, Seniors.
PUBLIC VOICE Lab, founded in 1994, is a non-profit digital media hub providing for an extensive range of cutting-edge research, development and consulting services for digital communities.

PUBLIC VOICE Lab researches into the cross-media convergence of radio, television, telephone and the Internet and develops innovative concepts, designs and tools in Internet technology (, EDEN, Stream-On-the-Fly, net.board, SELECT). Further, PUBLIC VOICE Lab helps implementing, servicing and customising them in various application areas. PUBLIC VOICE Lab also provides Internet services for more than 50 organisations and artists, runs THE THING Vienna art server, and consults verious target groups in applying these services cost-effectively and in user-friendly ways.

PUBLIC VOICE Labís mission is to analyse the social shaping of digital media technologies that lead to the broader use of socially appropriate Internet technologies and services. By this, we decisively help to alleviate the digital divide.

PUBLIC VOICE Lab's work is mainly funded by the European Commission, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, by its members and by offering Internet starter courses to best-aged people.

With a new project on electronic democracy (EDEN) starting in 2001, we will be focussing again on the provision and integration of tools, which support citizens to participate in decision making processes. We will set up pilot sites in European Cities and in Vienna, to test new tools for urban planning matters.
Expertise: design, performing arts, activism, development, research, society / public domain, science, art, music, software, multimedia, literature


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