London, United Kingdom
Phone: 00447951539144
Type of organisation: artists association, Profit and Nonprofit, company

Main topics:

hybrid media projects, combined media and event/performance projects.
Description: Ltd was set up as [production nest] [action lab] [think tank] in 1999. is a group of streaming media producers, software and communication technology developers, arts and media professionals, exploring the potential and impact of
convergence on emerging new film-, TV- and broadband genres; making use of iTV, documentary online, webcasts, VJaying and WWWjaying, interactive story telling, online games, events ... activities

* development of selfinitiated projects
* production of commissioned work
* consultancy of cultural and educational institutions
* conception & production of topic-related TV programmes
* programming of discussion forums and events
* publication in press and books
* presentations at conferences and festivals


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