C3: Center for Culture & Communication Foundation 


Orszaghaz utca 9
H-1014 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: 36.1/ 488.7070
Fax: 36.1/ 214.6872
Email: info@c3.hu
Website: www.c3.hu
Type of organisation: cultural organisation, Nonprofit, foundation

Main topics:

The aims of C3 are the cultural application and creative employment of new sxientific and technological discoveries, the research, development and support of innovative artistic potentials, and the initiation and realisation of art, science, communication
C3 is an open, not for profit institution, a space for innovative experiments and developments related to communication, culture and open society, its main focus the fostering of meetings and cooperation among spheres of art, science and technology.
The center, launched in 1996 as a cooperation between the Soros Foundation Hungary, Silicon Graphics Hungary and Matav: the Hungarian Telecom, has assisted in the widespread propagation and innovative application of the new media, acting as a public stage for innovation and with exchange of opinion related to culture and communications, among other means, by encouraging grant applicants and the wider public in the acquaintance, employment and exploration of the Internet.
Expertise: literature, multimedia, software, animation, video, film, music, development, research, criticism, society / public domain, art education and professional training, science, art


Paid women: 7
Paid men: 12
Unpaid women: 0
Unpaid men: 1
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