P.O.Box 9334 Gronland
0135 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 93069406
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Type of organisation: artist, Nonprofit, collective

Main topics:

performance, installation, glitch, social networking
The "motherboard" is a central element of the personal computer, the main circuitboard to which one connects memory, peripherals and other devices, which extend the capabilities of the computer. Motherboard (the art group) may be described as a collective of artists and 'techsperts' gathered around the core members Per Platou and Amanda Steggell, for various projects. The majority of their work has taken the form of installations and performative live art happenings, mediated and modulated by the intermediary influence of the net, and often integrate audience participation and interaction. Through their ambitious vehicles they explore the materiality and resistance of the net as a mediating instance.
Expertise: software, video, music, performing arts, activism, research, criticism, society / public domain, art


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    Your own money, Nonprofit institutional, Government
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