flipsight - local image network 


Anklamer Strasse 39
D-10115 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49-30-47374736
Fax: +49-30-47374736
Email: pop@flipsight.net
Website: www.flipsight.net
Type of organisation: network, Nonprofit, other

Main topics:

flipsight is the idea of being visually connected, directly, with a certain site.
It's the concept of a global network of contacts, each committed to being the remote eye for the others.

if you ever found yourself wondering how things look like right
flipsight is an on-line-platform.
it is free and is based solely on the generosity and genuine interest of its members.

it gives you the opportunity to get in contact with a lot of people all over the world, to get insights and see perspectives that otherwise are never mentioned. vice versa you are asked to provide the same in your own surroundings whenever another member knocks at your screen.
Expertise: journalism, philosophy, policy, activism, research, criticism, society / public domain, art


Paid women: 0
Paid men: 0
Unpaid women: 0
Unpaid men: 0
Internet connection: 56k
Sources of income:
    Nonprofit institutional

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