19bis, rue neuve
33000 bordeaux, France
Phone: (0033)0556528154
Email: vnatrc@vnatrc.net
Website: vnatrc.net
Type of organisation: artists association, Profit and Nonprofit, collective

Main topics:

v.n.a.t.r.c.?|h.y.s.n.u.y.? : plastic administration online since 1930 & only 2113: art|arts, music|image|text, perplex propaganda, deep drilling, alienation & anachronism, i-machination, deep philosophy.
v.n.a.t.r.c.?|h.y.s.n.u.y.? [v.ous n.'a.vez t.oujours r.ien c.ompris ? | h.ave y.ou s.till n.othing u.nderstood y.et ?] was founded by Otto von Strassenbach in London, today based in Bordeaux, France ; we deal with arts medias within two net laboratories: http://vnatrc.org [Bloknote powered] & http://vnatrc.net [ZOPE powered]: "la destruction de notre culture est une affaire de tact | the destruction of our culture is a matter of tact".
Expertise: philosophy, multimedia, music, design, performing arts, activism, research, criticism, art, literature


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Unpaid men: 2
Internet connection: ADSL
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