26, rue neuve
33000 bordeaux, France
Email: emp.vnatrc@free.fr
Website: equipementiers-du-songe.org
Type of organisation: artist, Nonprofit, other

Main topics:

-equipementiers.du.songe-.org: meta-place in server version of what will have been called "serene & irenic implementation | onirisation | exposition of glyptic glose".
writings, poetics, photographics, saudade, ur-grund, thoughtful, deep, unseriousness. the best is offer you our "nega-zeugma": || néga-zeugma des -équipementiers.du.songe- sous forme de logon téraphone: avant qu'aux voies mouillées je n'ironirise mes acceptions, mon visiteur ne se croit déjà plus si sporadiquement indû || [before at wetten ways I might ironorize my acceptions, my visitor already doesn't feel himself that sporadically undued].
thank you | eric-marie gabalda aka bituur esztreym
Expertise: literature, philosophy, multimedia, design, research, criticism, art


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