Kamniška 16
2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Phone: 0038641388190
Type of organisation: festival, Nonprofit, association

Main topics:

Memefest is a student-led initiative from Slovenia which reacts to commercial
control of the media environment and encourages the production of
socially-beneficial messages or "memes".

Memefest is an international student festival which will serve as a new space for reflection on the phenomenon of idea dissemination and exploration of the possibilities for our active participation in the processes of dissemination.

Intended for both undergraduate and graduate students of communication studies, Sociology and visual communications, the Festival also refers to the many professional spheres involved in dissemination of ideas such as journalism, advertising, visual communications and public relations.

Memefest deals with the social impact of ideas as they are disseminated. Modern realities of mass media call for an Interdisciplinary treatment of idea dissemination because these processes have reached an incredible level of complexity.

Every year, Memefest will single out a text or image that best defines the current media environment ideas are drawn from, as well as that what information we can work with to shape together the world we live in.
This year`s themes are centered around information overload and the commercialization of everyday life.

Memefest invites treatments of the thematic text from the perspectives of Communication studies, Sociology and Visual communications. Students can submit works in one or more categories. However, a particular work can compete in one category only. Your submissions will be judged by an international jury and you will be able to view their comments and criteria online.
Over time, MEMEFEST is meant to evolve into a permanent cyber-space for international dialogue on topics such as the public sphere of communication, the dissemination of social and activist agendas as well as the problematics of discourses surrounding "propaganda" and "social marketing".
Honorariums: Best works in each category will be awarded with a cash prize of 550 EUROS.

Expertise: science, society / public domain, criticism, research, activism, design, film, video, animation, multimedia, philosophy, journalism


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Paid men: 0
Unpaid women: 6
Unpaid men: 8
Internet connection: Cable
Sources of income:
    Earned through your projects, Commercial company's, Nonprofit institutional

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