T E K S 


Trondheim, Norway
Phone: +47 73 51 83 23
Email: info@teks.no
Website: www.teks.no
Type of organisation: artists association, Nonprofit, association

Main topics:

Trondheim Electronic Arts Center: resource center for developing of electronic and digital art projects.
Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre (TEKS) was founded on 01.01.02.

TEKS is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to promote electronic arts of any genre in Trondheim and the surrounding areas. TEKS shall initiate and realise artistic productions and projects, those of TEKS and others, and impart technology and knowledge.

TEKS is both a production facility and a production company for electronic arts. The organisation shall coordinate local resources and competence. Artistic projects are carried out in collaboration with relevant businesses and institutions in addition to individual artistic productions in TEKS' studios.

TEKS is a member of PNEK, the Production Network for Electronic Arts. Other members are NoTAM, Oslo / Atelier Nord, Oslo / BEK, Bergen centre for electronic arts.

TEKS is funded with support from the Arts Council of Norway, the City of Trondheim and PNEK.
Expertise: art, science, criticism, research, development, activism, performing arts, music, film, video, animation, software, multimedia, philosophy, literature, games


Paid women: 0
Paid men: 0
Unpaid women: 1
Unpaid men: 1
Internet connection: T1 or more
Sources of income:
    Earned through your projects, Your own money, Nonprofit institutional, Government
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