23, rue Olivier Métra
75 020 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 43 66 09 66
Fax: +33 1 43 66 09 66
Email: contact@dedale.info
Website: www.dedale.info
Type of organisation: cultural organisation, Nonprofit, association

Main topics:

Dedale is an experimental platform dedicated to relationships between culture, arts and technologies.
Its scope of activities deals with new media, new forms of cultural mediation and new modes of artistic production, including interactive arts.

Dedale creates links and encourages international relationships between ICT specialists, artists, cultural actors, institutions, cultural industries, multimedia and audio-visual production firms, research field and academic networks.

Dedale’s activities are organised in different modules :

- assistance and consulting to cultural authorities
- a european resources centre on digital arts and new artistic forms.
- training actions towards artists and cultural actors.
- production, experimentation and support to innovating projects.
- promotion and diffusion of those cultural and artistic projects thanks to the “chantiers” (presentations of works in progress).

Expertise: art, science, art education and professional training, research, performing arts, music, video, software, multimedia


Paid women: 0
Paid men: 2
Unpaid women: 2
Unpaid men: 0
Internet connection: ADSL
Sources of income:
    Government, Commercial company's, Earned through your projects
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