Waag Society / for Old and New Media 


De Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4
1012 CR amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: +31.20.5579898
Fax: +31.20.5579880
Email: society@waag.org
Website: http://www.waag.org
Type of organisation: cultural organisation, Profit and Nonprofit, foundation

Main topics:

The Waag Society is a cultural research and development centre for communications technology. Central to its aims is the development of technological applications for the cultural and social expression of groups and individuals.
Designers, software engineers, artists and scientists work together closely within the Waag Society. For projects, collaboration is sought with partners in the social sector, the
educational field, science and industry.
Expertise: multimedia, software, design, performing arts, policy, activism, development, research, criticism, education (in schools), society / public domain, art education and professional training


Paid women: 13
Paid men: 17
Unpaid women: 0
Unpaid men: 0
Internet connection: T1 or more
Sources of income:
    Commercial company's, Nonprofit institutional, Government, Earned through your projects
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