Emily C. Voelker 


18 Croxteth Road
L8 3SG Liverpool, United Kingdom
Phone: +447814614932
Email: emily_voelker@hotmail.com
Type of organisation: individual, Profit and Nonprofit, freelancer

Main topics:

Community Arts, Film, Visual Arts, Drama, Workshop leading:
Building our Cultural Democracy.
After being trained at LIPA I am Working as a freelance Community Artist and have specialised in the fields of Film-making, Drama & project co-ordination. But really, I'm quite good at a lot of stuff after running organising & fascilitating "The Dingle Arts Event" which took place in one of the most deprived areas of Liverpool, involving over 200 people.
Expertise: art, art education and professional training, society / public domain, education (in schools), research, development, activism, performing arts, film, video, games


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