Warmoesstraat 139
1012JB Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: +31-020-6229434
Email: info@w139.nl
Website: www.w139.nl
Type of organisation: artists association, Nonprofit, foundation

Main topics:

For over twenty years, W139 has acted as a refuge, offering opportunities for the entire spectrum of ideas about three-dimensional art forms - an art space with a flexible policy that allows and encourages artists to respond to the latest developments in
W139 is an exhibition space for contemporary art on the Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam. Situated at the centre of Holland's capital the space is easy to reach and epitomises our philosophy that art should be positioned at the very heart of society, not relegated to its margins.
Expertise: art, performing arts


Paid women: 4
Paid men: 4
Unpaid women: 1
Unpaid men: 0
Internet connection: ADSL
Sources of income:

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