pulpo produkte 


Alte Marktstr.14
26789 Leer, Germany
Phone: 0491-67722
Email: contact@pulpoprodukte.de
Website: www.pulpoprodukte.de
Type of organisation: filmmaker(s), Profit and Nonprofit, freelancer

Main topics:

Pulpo Produkte is an independent office of journalism and video-production with many years of experience in the field of professional online- and television media. Pulpo Produkte creates audiovisual material for TV and Internet media at home and abroad. I
Pulpo develops concepts for TV, Internet and Multimedia.
Pulpo does:
- production of video in German and English
- develops formats for TV and Internet
- research and editing

Pulpo offers:
- many years experience in the field of TV and Internet
- experience abroad
- contacts to the UK, Finland, Hong Kong, USA

Formats: DV or Betacam
Expertise: art, research, architecture, design, film, video, multimedia, journalism


Paid women: 0
Paid men: 0
Unpaid women: 2
Unpaid men: 1
Internet connection: ADSL
Sources of income:
    Earned through your projects