170 North street
BN1 1EA Brighton, United Kingdom
Phone: 01273 323040
Email: info@earshot.org.uk
Website: www.earshot.org.uk
Type of organisation: community media centre, Nonprofit, company

Main topics:

Earshot is an organisation devoted to the sound arts. We develop and collaborate on creative projects which benefit the community and provide advocacy and opportunities for freelance sound content creators to network, learn new skills and develop new work
We have our own sound production studios, teaching room, editing facilities and other resources such as PCs and offices for use in the creation and production of sound projects.
Expertise: games, journalism, multimedia, film, music, policy, development, research, art education and professional training, art


Paid women: 1
Paid men: 1
Unpaid women: 20
Unpaid men: 20
Internet connection: ADSL
Sources of income:
    Earned through your projects