John Paul Bichard 


London, United Kingdom
Type of organisation: artist, Nonprofit, freelancer

Main topics:

My primary concerns are the exploration of narrative through a contrived relationship between protected public space ie: the police forensic space and the first person digital game space.
My work explores the relationship between environment, narrative and (game) play through a variety of media, including video games, installation and photography. The work plays with the boundary between the ‘protected real’ space such as the police evidence space and the ‘digital made real’, where the games space is (re)constructed in a ‘real’ environment. Through the use of online video games, their tropes and assets, I push these ideas, subverting the player/viewers expectations and assumptions of the space they are engaging with. Photo works and multiples include collage narratives, artists books and multiples to further explore relationships between physical and fabricated space, narrative and notions of authenticity.

Expertise: art, research, development, multimedia, literature, games


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