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The Institute of Network Cultures (INC), which was set up in June 2004, caters to research, meetings and (online) initiatives in the area of internet and new media. Not only will the INC facilitate, but also initiate and produce a range of projects. Its g
The Institute of Network Cultures (INC), which was set up in June 2004, caters to research, meetings and (online) initiatives in the area of internet and new media.
The INC functions as a framework within which a variety of studies, publications and meetings can be realized. As indicated by its name, the INC itself will also be active in setting up and maintaining networks. Not only will it facilitate, but also initiate and produce its projects. Its goal is to create an open organizational form with a strong focus on content, within which ideas (emanating from both individuals and institutions) can be given an institutional context at an early stage. The INC aims to organize both public and internal meetings and to formulate new research, based on the fusion of old and new media. The INC sees it as its special task to give shape and content to the digital public domain, with emphasis on the interaction between aesthetics and social relations within technological environments. Special attention will also be paid to intercultural aspects and international cooperation.
The INC has no intention to remain on the sidelines, but rather, it aims to analyse its field of action from the inside, and to make an active contribution. Self-reflection and theoretical developments are of vital importance in the creation of the rich autonomous language that this new area of knowledge so desperately needs. New media are not a religion, even though they are often presented as the solution to all the misery in the world. Nevertheless, they still have a huge potential for bringing about (social) change. The INC intends to explore this potential, without losing track of reality.
The field of new media is becoming increasingly dominated by marketing- and management-oriented thinking. This certainly has advantages, in view of the recent history of the 1990s with its speculative excesses. And yet, pragmatic thinking is threatening to banish any further conceptual development to the background. In our opinion, ‘wild thinking’ is still essential, be it in the form of essays, case studies and discussions or incorporated in thorough academic research.
Expertise: art, science, art education and professional training, society / public domain, education (in schools), criticism, research, activism, architecture, design, animation, software, multimedia, philosophy, journalism, games


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