Digital Research Unit 


7 Northumberland St
HD1 1RL Huddersfield, United Kingdom
Phone: 08709905003
Type of organisation: cultural organisation, Nonprofit, company

Main topics:

The DRU creative programme comprises four core activities: Medialounge Exhibitions; International Artist in Residence Programme; Projects [Commissions and collaborations]; Speakers Corner and the Ultrasound festival, designed to facilitate synergies, know
The DRU is the cultural programme of Media Centre Network which supports the growth of creative businesses in Yorkshire, UK. We provide offices, studios, live-work spaces, IT, digital telephony and events for the creative industries sector. We manage buildings in Huddersfield and Leeds, supporting 200 companies and over 500 people we are one of the most innovative clusters of creative and media enterprises in the UK.

The creative/cultural programme intends to both challenge and promote notions of creativity and the application of research across a diverse culture of creative practitioners.
Expertise: art education and professional training, art, society / public domain, research, development, performing arts, design, video, software, multimedia, games


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Internet connection: T1 or more
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    Government, Commercial company's