Studio Unit A502
Bermondsey London SE16 4DG, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 79 4660 6955
Type of organisation: artists association, Profit and Nonprofit, company

Main topics:

Artist Collective with Studios and in partnership with Gallery Yujiro
The 5th Collective, is for the promotion and advancement of art nationally, and internationally. The collective is located on the fifth floor of a large sky lit space, which used to be part of the original 'Custard Creams' biscuit factory, located near Tower Bridge, in South East London.

GALLERY YUJIRO which is a part of the collective, has been named after a famous Japanese philanthropist, who has been so gracious in supporting our projects. The Collective draws upon the rich culture of South East London and enables opportunities for national, and international artists.

Artists in the collective create there own work, and collectively produce collaborative projects which include online and interactive work, and community ventures, including public workshops, lectures and the organizing of a Residency between London, Japan, and Germany.
Expertise: art, art education and professional training, society / public domain, education (in schools), design


Paid women: 2
Paid men: 3
Unpaid women: 15
Unpaid men: 7
Internet connection: ADSL
Sources of income:
    Nonprofit institutional, Commercial company's, Privately donated, Earned through your projects