SW46EX LDN, United Kingdom
Phone: +447951895803
Type of organisation: artists association, Nonprofit, collective

Main topics:

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'Command M' at whim as: scarlet, labia, carla, genny, minge, marla, kate, christy, and clitoria.
cunninglingo infiltrating the data flow, make it so... blood flow,
fashion flow. it's fair. it's flair. it's here. none of this and more.
than its sum of web designers, data programmers, swimming instructor, digital neuroscientist, anonymous popppunks, sex-linked recessive lethals, idle worshippers, specsavers, poet, photographers, sound designer, aluminium extruders and finishers, bubble bursters, an animator, a stewardess, a dj. now hum duran duran's, "girls on web.... girls do web" ./>
- onPlay "cunning"
Expertise: art, science, art education and professional training, society / public domain, education (in schools), criticism, research, development, activism, policy, architecture, performing arts, design, music, film, video, animation, software, philosophy, journalism, literature, games


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Unpaid women: 12
Unpaid men: 3
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