Fabrica Cultural 


Plaza Pico Salvarguardia 3, 1d
28035 Madrid, Spain
Phone: 0034626898830
Email: info@fabricacultural.com
Website: www.fabricacultural.com
Type of organisation: company, Profit, company

Main topics:

This new portal provides information on opportunities for employment, grants, scholarships, prizes and support for students, professionals and cultural institutions, as well as virtual and telephone consultancy, users’ space, social network, advertising s
Rubicón Cultural and Educational Services, a consulting company
on European cultural projects
Expertise: art, art education and professional training, education (in schools)


Paid women: 2
Paid men: 2
Unpaid women: 0
Unpaid men: 0
Internet connection: Cable
Sources of income:
    Government, Nonprofit institutional, Commercial company's