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The Sustainable Development Programme: Black communities remain isolated from the broad UK environmental movement. The \'Down to Earth\' programme aims to highlight the links between racial injustice and the environment and encourage greater community inv
The 1990 Trust is a national Black (Asian, African and Caribbean) organisation set up out of the National Black Caucus as an information and policy unit and a registered charity. The trust\\\'s objective is to increase the participation of Black communities in the political process and to combat racism in all its forms. Our policy work covers education, immigration, criminal justice, health, employment and race equality in Europe. We regularly consult widely with Black communities throughout the UK and publish period briefing papers on key issues of the day.
With assistance from the National Lotteries Charities Board we have set up an information technology programme which includes the Black Information Network Web site, BLINK. A primary aim of the programme is to assist Black organisations with computer literacy. We also support individuals and families who have suffered from racism in areas of life such as employment, health care and criminal justice or have lost family members to racial attacks. Our work is widely disseminated through our quarterly newsletter, Black to Black, which has over 3000 subscribers.
In 1997, the 1990 Trust received an award from The Voice newspaper in recognition of its work within Black communities. The 1990 Trust was the first national Black organisation to be recognised for its work on human rights, in which it was nominated for the Liberty Human Rights Award. More recently, in May 1998, the 1990 Trust in partnership with Charter88 also received the EMMA (Ethnic Minority Media Award) for the campaign Operation Black Vote (OBV).
The 1990 Trust\\\'s state-of-the-art, fully interactive Web site, Black Information Link (BLINK), is the most accessible comprehensive information exchange on black issues in Europe. Visited by 250,000 people every month, BLINK provides up-to-date information on a broad range of issues and the breadth of work undertaken by the trust.


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