Atelier Nord 


Nedre gate 8
0553 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47.22.704990
Fax: +47.22.704993
Type of organisation: cultural organisation, Nonprofit, foundation

Main topics:

We provide productionfacilities and a meeting-space for artists. Through workshops, forums, presentations and networking nationally and internationally we will develop the Norwegian media art scene.
We run a media lab and a server. We assist artists in their projects technically and otherwise. We also initiate events, art projects, workshops and seminars and run a small exhibition service, renting projectors, etc.
Expertise: multimedia, video, performing arts, policy, activism, research, education (in schools), art education and professional training, art


Paid women: 3
Paid men: 3
Unpaid women: 3
Unpaid men: 3
Internet connection: T1 or more
Sources of income:
    Earned through your projects, Your own money, Nonprofit institutional, Government
  • Xchange
  • Virtual Platform
  • Electrohype
  • Top Floor
  • CRAC (Creative Room for Art and Computing)
  • CRAC (Creative Room for Art and Computing)
  • E-LAB
  • jutempus
  • Hull Time Based Arts
  • Kunstakademiet i Trondheim
  • sub-bau networks

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